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Ms. De La Mora has always had a passion for etiquette, nutrition, love, and more. Her passion has evolved into a desire to help others become enlightened and improve their lives in many different ways. She offers classes in personal refinement. Find out about her school and sign up for classes!
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about danica de la mora

For over a decade, Ms. Danica De La Mora has been following a plant-based lifestyle, building on her collection of knowledge through extensive research and lectures by knowledgeable and experienced health care professionals. She studied Plant-Based Nutrition at Cornell University...
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Books by De La Mora

A lifelong observer, reader, and writer, Ms. De La Mora has many opinions about the world in which we find ourselves today and what can be done to improve it. Stay tuned for print media by Danica De La Mora. As books become available, they will be listed here.
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