Love De La Mora


  • "Switching to a plant-based lifestyle really changed my life for the better. I had no idea that I would have so many wonderful improvements in my life. It is incredible and I think that every man should try it."
    —John C., NC
    "Danica De La Mora worked with me years ago to help me change my diet and lose weight. I have kept the weight off effortlessly for eight years and I've never felt better!"
    —Stephanie H., KY

  • "I learned so much from Danica De La Mora. In her classes, she showed us how to apply makeup, how to sit and eat properly, how to walk with elegance, she corrected my grammar, and I even learned how to organize my closet! She really helped me to emphasize my femininity."
    —Patricia M., SC
    "I read about these classes online and I thought that my 11-year-old daughter needed some guidance and a boost of confidence. She attended Ms. De La Mora's weekend classes and she has been groomed beautifully. These are lifelong learnings that she will benefit from for a long time!"
    —Summer B., NC

  • "My husband and I were thrilled to find such a wonderful school where our son could learn how to be a fine gentleman. We do our best, but Ms. De La Mora does a better job!"
    —Kara T., VA
    "I read about her classes and coaching and then I decided that my life needed an overhaul so I contacted Ms. De La Mora. She worked with me and I was able to improve my health and my relationship!"
    —Heather M., NC

  • "I would like to thank Ms. De La Mora for helping to bring back legendary etiquette and traditional manners and morals, especially at a time when we really need it!"
    —Harry W., NC

    "Ms. De La Mora's online coaching continues to be priceless for me because she's always ready to help, she's helped me to make countless changes in my life, and she's in my corner and cheering me on from hundreds of miles away!"
    —Sarah T., NY